Monday, August 2, 2010

Class of 74 meets for Reunion

In photo: front row Tom Becker, Debby (Cooperrider) Muczynski, Donna(Perram) Checki, Beth Reeves, Gary Luttner, Jane (Vorndran) Butler, Lois(Carrier) Welch.
Second row: Guy Konyha, Linda(Alber) Simmons, Debbie Thorne, Becky(Kyle) Davis-Starr, Vince Liebenguth, Rick Myers, Rex Parker, Ann Marie (Teresko) Brobst, Karen (Ransom) Thompson.
Back Row: Gordy Dutt, Carol(Harrison) Rusnacko, Cliff Feightner, Johanna(Kephart) Taylor, Scott Fitch, Harry Yehnert, Larry Webster, Doug Lonsbury(partially hidden), Jim Little, Gary Frederick, Margaret Leveskas, Janet (Malek) Henderson, Sandy (Ziebro) Hughes

On July 31, 2010, 35 classmates got together in Allardale Park in Granger Township. For some, it was the first time seeing their old classmates since graduation over 36 years ago.

It all started with several classmates "friending" each other on Facebook. Memories from high school years led to yearbook photos being posted.

Then several members of the Highland class of 74 started discussing the long overdue reunion. The last reunion was the 20 year in 1994. Years 25, 30, and 35 passed with no reunion. The group on Facebook was about to change that. After deciding on a date to have a reunion picnic, a local committee scheduled to meet in the conference room at the offices of Howard Hanna in Wadsworth. Also during thiBolds time, a place to post high school memories and photos was established on Facebook. It was called 1974 Highland High School, Medina, Ohio Class Reunion. As there are many Highland High Schools around the country, there was felt the need to differentiate.

During the next 3-1/2 months between the first meeting and the actual reunion, word got out that a reunion was being planned. Some people joined the Facebook, while others found out by word of mouth. The committee got the park and the rest of the group sent money to help make this reunion happen. People were excited about seeing their old classmates.

After much anticipation, the day of the reunion arrived. People started arriving at the park, bringing good food and better memories. Classmates got to catch up on each other's lives and renew old friendships. And there was a promise of returning in two years for hopefully a bigger reunion.

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